Ananya Ganesh

I work as a Research Engineer at the Educational Testing Services (ETS) in the NLP and speech research group. In May, I graduated from UMass Amherst with a master's degree in Computer Science. I'm interested in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction.

At UMass, I was a part of the Information Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory (IESL), supervised by Professor Andrew McCallum, starting as a research intern in May 2018. I got to work on really cool problems in coreference resolution, semantic role labeling, and word sense disambiguation during my time at IESL.

Previously, I received my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India where I worked on formal verification of distributed systems.


Energy and Policy Considerations for Deep Learning in NLP
Emma Strubell, Ananya Ganesh, Andrew McCallum. ACL 2019 [pdf]

Efficient Graph-based Word Sense Induction by Distributional Inclusion Vector Embeddings
Haw-Shiuan Chang, Amol Agrawal, Ananya Ganesh, Anirudha Desai, Vinayak Mathur, Alfred Hough, Andrew McCallum. TextGraphs 2018 Workshop at NAACL-HLT [pdf]


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